Company Messages


"We specialize in trendy fashion. The work of our talented designer team dominates today’s markets. We have put together our technical team and designers with a lot of experience from different places in our country. Only locals can realize the designs that are perfect for their respective country. The 4s Apparel BD is one of the most leading export organized class buying houses and manufacturing companies. Seven years old renowned buying house still taking orders of all kinds of clothing. For a long period of years. The Buying House company has been working with honestly the buyers from outside the country. We have a friendly relationship with over 5 compliance garments with our own factory. 4s Apparel BD has experienced people who keep in touch with the buyers also the traders themselves. As we are leading buying house company, they take orders for shirts, T-Shirts, Polo-Shirts, Jeans, Sweater, Hoodies, Boxers for men and women, Long sleeve for men and women, Children wear. Also taking orders for stitched products. "

Chairman at 4s Apparel BD & N ALAM SOURCING BD
Manageing Director

"Many thanks to our staff! Our business grows quickly with a desire and commitment. We make sure that all of our orders are of the highest standard and are delivered on time. This commitment has helped us maintain our reputation for delivering quality products on time. No matter how big or small the project is, we have always kept our promise to our customers. To ensure on-time delivery, we use a highly effective project management system. This system allows us to invite all of our managers and assign them tasks to be completed within a certain time frame. The system also plays an important role in helping our managers stay in touch with our customers. The best part is that the system is extremely user friendly and easy to use. Because of this, we can close projects before the deadline. We also make sure our customers are happy with what they get. Are you looking for potential apparel manufacturers who can supply high quality items? Then get in touch with 4s Apparel BD. "

- Md. Emdadul Haque ( Menon ),
Managing Director at 4s Apparel BD & N ALAM SOURCING BD
Technical Contact

"4s Apparel BD is a designer collection and a trend highlight of the new fashion season for apparel exporters in the Bangladeshi clothing manufacturers market. We always do our best with the latest fashionable design cloth. We will achieve a challenging goal by considering the latency in the future and the passions of buyers who believe there is a better way to continue their order. We strive to offer the best quality of our garments mainly to the world market."

Merchandiser at 4s Apparel BD & N ALAM SOURCING BD
Technical Contact

"4s Apparel BD, a household name in the clothing business. We always do our best with the latest fashionable bespoke design cloth. It’s not just about making clothes, it’s also about building good customer relationships. We are also always ready to advise our customers worldwide with their inquiries. 4s Apparel BD checks the fit of garments with a PP sample. Not only the sample, but also sample developing, classifying the bulk samples, and meeting the appropriate seams with buyers or factories to ensure the necessary quality and technical points are maintained before mass production. Our strong technical team also makes corrections to the samples, print design developments, design corrections and design reviews prior to final production. "

Technical Operation Manager at 4s Apparel BD & N ALAM SOURCING BD